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LINE6 POD シリーズに新製品か?


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Line 6 POD HD400

[podhd400]$399.00USDYears of groundbreaking research have led us to create an entirely new set of modeling tools. Using the resulting HD amp modeling technology to recreate 16 vintage and modern amps from the ground up has led us to POD HD.

Proprietary research tools, unparalleled technical expertise and painstaking attention to detail has allowed Line 6 to deliver the most authentic tone and realistic feel ever available in any amp modeling product.

Main Features:

? A covetable collection of 16 amps delivered with unmatched HD realism

? An inspiring compilation of 100 effects including the complete set from the critically acclaimed DL4, MM4, FM4 and DM4.

? Amazing new effects including looping, pitch shifting and harmonizing for additional creative expression.

? Comprehensive I/O including analog, digital, balanced, unbalanced, Variax and USB means you're always ready to perform in any environment.

? Flexible signal chain scales within the line from easy pre/post routing to allowing any effect to be placed in any slot in any order.

? Compatibility with new Line 6 adaptive amps enables an unprecedented level of integration, communication and control.

? All metal construction including heavy duty metal footswitches and expression pedal to withstand on-stage abuse.

Home > エフェクター > | マルチエフェクター > LINE6 POD シリーズに新製品か?

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